Remember Enjoy Life

Understand how to enjoy your life doesn’t mean to provide an excuse to yourself to be lazy, easy to give up or quit you work, have no goal and just for fun. If you respect your life, want to live happier, improve yourself continuously in various aspects, become a better person and develop your career in a good way, you need to know how to enjoy life to help you live a better life.

The first step to enjoy life is to tidy up your schedule so you can have spare time to do thing you like. Everyone equally have only 24hours in a day, you are not possible to finish 10 different items perfectly in just a short time especially if you having a messy time table. Tidy up all your works and thing that you want to achieve, make priority for them therefore you can be very clear of your working timeline/flow. This action can definitely help you finish work more efficiency.

Secondly, schedule relaxing moment for yourself. When you are tidying up you time table don’t forget to schedule some relaxing time for yourself at the mid and the end of the day. For example listen a good music or even play a music and sing freely/loudly. Enjoy a good meal, not just eat it but feel and taste the moment! Watch a funny video and laugh. Draw a picture. Call your friend and lover to have a nice chat etc. You can do whatever you like that make you feel relax and you can express stress and emotions. Don’t underestimate this little short break or think the relaxing moment is just wasting time, after this break you would feel like you are full charged, have more motivation and energy to finish the rest of your work. Or it might definitely stimulate you brain and give you more new ideas and prospect.

Thirdly, mediation. Do a mediation at night time is the best activity you can do for yourself before sleep. I always feel it just like an essence/serum for you soul. I am not going to list all the detail here for how good to do mediation. Search online and I believe you can find out on of information easily.

Fourth, find a hobby. Do not tell me that you don’t have any hobbies except work, checking Facebook or watching television. Having a real hobby is the best way to create molecule of happiness, relieve stress, meet new friends and enlarge your world. Try to spend some time to explore a hobby that fit your personality. The first step you can think about is “are you an outdoor or indoor person?” then find your hobby step by step. Find your hobby, do more on it and meet new friend who has the same interest with you. Never afraid to try something new, you can always gain a special, unforgettable memories, refresh yourself by learning new things and making new friends. If you want to make your life more interesting and colorful, always being curious to everything just like a baby.

Fifth, Local vacation. If you have no time to plan a long trip for yourself. Have a half day local trip is not a bad choice. Walk slowly, observe the surrounding that you always missed when you are rush & busy. Or you can do hiking, picnic, cycling at the same time.

Those are the simple example for starting to learn how to enjoy your life. Live happy, be positive , love , be kind, enjoy your life !

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